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Deep Teeth Cleaning Erie CO

Deep Teeth Cleaning

By performing a deep cleaning, which is also known as a scaling and root planing, we can remove any excess buildup of plaque and tartar that has accumulated around your teeth in the area below the gumline. The goal of this procedure is to treat periodontal disease by eliminating inflammation and reducing the size of pockets between the teeth and gums. While a dental scaling is intended to carefully eliminate any accumulated deposits on the surface of the tooth below the gumline, a root planing goes deeper to smooth the surface of the root so that the gums can properly reattach and heal.

Our professional team will determine how many visits your scaling and root planing will require and how many sections of your mouth will be addressed at each appointment. Deep cleanings, coupled with an excellent regimen of oral hygiene at home, can be effective in restoring periodontal health as well as for maintenance care following the treatment of gum disease.