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Composite Fillings

When tooth structure is eaten away or otherwise damaged by dental decay, cracks, or fractures, it's often repaired with the placement of a dental filling. While traditional fillings were typically composed of amalgam, a mixture of different metals, today's restorations are mercury-free, biologically safe, and tooth-colored.

With the placement of a composite "tooth-colored or white filling," the form and function of the involved tooth can be rebuilt with a restoration that is durable, long-lasting, and seamlessly matches the shade of the remaining tooth structure. Composite fillings are made of the latest generations of dental materials and contain a mix of liquid resin embedded with finely ground glass particles.

After the decayed or damaged areas of a tooth have been carefully removed, a composite filling can be placed, shaped, and then bonded to the remaining prepared and conditioned natural tooth structure. Initially placed as a putty-like material, the composite material is then shaped to restore the contours of a healthy natural tooth. When this step is completed, the filling is "cured" with a light wand or allowed to set.  In addition to restoring teeth affected by damage or decay, strong and durable composite resins can also be used to cosmetically change the size, color, or shape of teeth with imperfections or minor alignment issues such as spacing. 

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